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A collection of lessons on the
importance of accountability

A Path of Life

By Kris Jackson
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Kris Jackson resides in Wisconsin, he is a father, entrepreneur and author. Jackson knew he always wanted to write a book of purpose but knew a biography would not accurately capture the message he was looking for. He wrote ‘Must Be Me’ as a self reflection on his past experiences and dealing with accountability. Jackson aims to give the younger generation (and even some of the older) the courage and tools to look in the mirror and take hold of their futures and responsibilities. ‘Must Be Me’ is his first book.


You can't drive a car from the passenger seat. Much like a car, life can't be driven on the backs of others. ‘Must be Me’ steps into the murky waters of accountability and the impact it will make on your life. Author Kris Jackson uses a collection of facts, stories and experiences throughout his life to highlight the importance of taking accountability for yourself and your responsibilities. Jackson’s telling challenges you to stop the excuses, take a moment to reflect and say “It must be me”.

"Don't go running to someone outside of the household to help resolve an issue that's internal. They may have a great answer and even a powerful perspective on many issues, except what transpires in YOUR home." 

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If I could summarize this book in one word...I couldn't. It's awesome, insightful, intriguing, and a genuine expression of self love, forgiveness and accountability.

Felina P.

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